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By William S. Lind

30 March 2009

With the usual fanfare, the Obama administration has proclaimed a new strategy for the war in Afghanistan. On the surface, it does not amount to much. But if a story by Bill Gertz in the March 26 Washington Times is correct, there is more to it than meets the eye. Gertz reported that:

The Obama administration has conducted a vigorous internal debate over its new strategy for Afghanistan…

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I have been very fortunate to have great people working with me when I was in the Army. Derek Schneider was my company executive officer when I commanded A company 3-77 AR in Mannheim Germany from August 91-February 93. Derek made a great command team, because he was into the profession like I was, and ate up the Maneuver Warfare material I brought with me when I graduated the USMC Amphibious Warfare School (now Expeditionary Warfare School) in May 1991.  Derek went on to a successful command at Fort Polk and the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment which also dual hatted as the oppossing forces there, and he is now a reserve Lieutenant Colonel.

He recently took over running a bourbon plan in KY. He is doing very well.  Derek applies the lessons from military history as well as the principles of maneuver warfare in his leadership. See the show below, it is very cool.

Here is a link to the Fox News Story that ran nation wide on 14 March 2009.


Derek C. Schneider Plant Manager – CMDK Office @ CMDK: 270-691-9001 Fax @ CMDK: 270-691-9002 Cell: 270-925-2324 Derek.Schneider@ldi-usa.net

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Thank you very much for having us!! My son & I both thought the workshop was outstanding. It was nice to see, in a world so technology focused, that somebody out there realizes that the mind is a primary weapon. The training was simple, imaginative and applicable. It is an essential preparation of the “battle-mind.” 

LT Robert Mazur New Jersey State Police Special Operations Section/Deployment Services Bureau

Sergeant Michael Gould thoroughly enjoyed the training; please keep us posted on any other training when I becomes available.

~DEP Chief Daniel Coyle North Attleboro PD

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Below is a commentary from the leader of the U.S. Army Armor Center’s Scout Leader’s Course at Fort Knox KY. They are adapting the new Army training and education doctrine called Outcomes Based Training and Education (OBT&E), in which Adaptive Leaders Methodology (ALM) is described in detail in my book Raising the Bar. In Raising the Bar it is called the Adaptive Course Model (ACM), but the Army changed it to ALM.

Begin the commander’s commentary.

Commentary #1 2009 -Scout Leaders Course Is Adapting: Enter the Army
Reconnaissance Course and Outcomes Based Training and Education (OBT&E)


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Read more Deciding Under Pressure…and Fast Workshop Success and Evolutionary Adaptability.



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This is what is happening when leaders tell lies for so long that they cannot go back and tell the truth when it is absolutely necessary. In this case, it has to deal with our economy and how we have lived our lives since the grand old Reagan years. It is called living a lie and ignoring reality.

My friends at Washington Monthly forwarded me this post on the article that Jame Galbraith “No Return to Normal” in regards to what happens when a country’s culture makes it bad to be honest. We don’t want anyone to commit the truth, I say almost on a daily basis. That means we have to fix the problem and make hard decisions. That is called leadership. The biggest crisis today is not oil, the economy or education, it is lack of leaders of character. (more…)

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Video on C-SPAN2’s BookTV

Watch Pierre Sprey, Tom Christie, and Winslow Wheeler talk about America’s Defense Meltdown (link goes to the Kindle edition; paperback available around 20 March). The Executive Director of the Project on Government Oversight, Danielle Brian, moderates.

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