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My good friend Fred Leland has posted the AAR I did for the Baltimore Police and wrote a preface on his web page of it. It is going very well with the application of Outcomes Based Training and Education (OBTE) and Adaptive Leader’s Methodology (ALM).




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Today’s Training and Education (Development) Revolution: The Future is Now
by Donald E. Vandergriff (Land Warfare Paper No. 76, April 2010) 
Discusses the changes the Army is making to its educational system to provide Soldiers with the best tools for success on the battlefield. Today’s highly complex operations have emphasized the importance of quality decisionmaking at junior levels. Even with modern command, control, communications, computer, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) capabilities, the noncommissioned officer or junior officer on the ground sometimes has the best situational awareness and thus is likely to make the best decision—but only if he or she is equipped, intellectually and culturally, to properly assess the situation and creatively arrive at the best solution. Adaptability, critical thinking and creativity have become critical skills for modern Soldiers. The Army’s new approach, Outcomes-Based Training & Education (OBT&E), is an educational philosophy that teaches both basic skills and aids the development of leaders, using the Combat Applications Training Course (CATC ) and the Adaptive Leader Methodology (ALM). These new training and education tools will produce the kind of flexible, adaptable Soldiers and leaders the modern battlefield demands.

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Always a nice surprise when someone writes a nice article about you, and you have nothing to do with it other than providing the material through your actions. John Baldoni, leadership guru has done this for me again. I opened my email on Monday, and there the article was about Mavericks.


How to Buck the System the Right Way BY FC Expert Blogger John BaldoniTue Mar 16, 2010 This blog is written by a member of our expert blogging community and expresses that expert’s views alone.


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HSTV Presents: Leadership 101

[1] Leadership 101 For Homeland Security Professionals. HSTV talks to Donald E. Vandergriff, a leader development expert, and Terry Shear, the Vice Consul for Homeland Security at the British Embassy about the issues surrounding leadership development in homeland security.

Starts March 1

The type of leadership methodology that military, first responders, law enforcement and security should be practicing is adaptive leadership. Adaptive leadership is a method of leadership that is constant and all encompassing. All encompassing not in the sense of let’s all sit around, hold hands and hope things work out, instead in the real sense of lets create and nurture the proper climate and culture that breeds mutual trust and cohesion. Allowing an organization to adapt and deal with any problem as it unfolds. This includes prevention efforts and response abilities. Developing superior individual and collective situational awareness through constant analysis, synthesis and experimentation in a given set of circumstances overrides any plan due to an ability to adapt on the fly, individually and collectively.

“…Experimentation is not a destination to be reached, but an unending process of trial, feedback, learning, renewal and experimentation again. The organization as a whole is agile, ready to learn, continually changing and improving. It is fast, flexible and never prepared to say: “We have not finished getting better.” Innovative organizations depend less on forecasting, planning and control and more on scanning, agility and feedback. Innovative organizations embrace uncertainty, recognizing that an uncertain future potentially holds as many opportunities as it does threats.” ~Brig.Gen. David Fastabend and Robert Simpson

Leadership is a daily activity, not just an event activity. Adaptive Leaders, lead daily by interacting with, training and developing their people and themselves for the conventional and unconventional threats and problems foreseen and unforeseen.

Leadership 101 video series will be well worth viewing.

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The below article best describes what is wrong with our nation today! I agree totally with it. We love facades, pretty faces, glowing resumes-filled with fancy places with degrees, and work experiences all over the globe. As I keep saying, “Where have all the leaders gone?”  You want real leaders, then you got to be able to take the hard truth, and mostly the hard fixes. Until we do that, we will continue to go down the drain, slowly, but surely. Of course, I provided recommendations on how to fix it in a column a year ago. I will look for the post and then update it.

Have a great Christmas otherwise.


December 20, 2009OP-ED COLUMNISTTiger Woods, Person of the YearBy FRANK RICH http://www.nytimes.com/2009/12/20/opinion/20rich.html?partner=rssnyt&emc=rss&pagewanted=print

AS we say farewell to a dreadful year and decade, this much we can agree upon: The person of the year is not Ben Bernanke, no matter how insistently Time magazine tries to hype him into its pantheon. The Fed chairman was just as big a schnook as every other magical thinker in Washington and on Wall Street who believed that housing prices would go up in perpetuity to support an economy leveraged past the hilt.

Unlike most of the others, it was Bernanke’s job to be ahead of the curve. Yet as recently as June of last year he could be found minimizing the possibility of a substantial economic downturn. And now we’re supposed to applaud him for putting his finger in the dike after disaster struck? This is defining American leadership down.


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Take it from me, this stuff also applies to Soldiers and Marines fighting 4GW right now and in the future. Fred and I work a lot together to cross over lessons learned between law enforcement and the military.

From Fred Leland:

 I started a new weekend morning series on my web-site called Coffee and Conversation: Trying to get the guys in law enforcement and security to think more about conflict and how to prevent or resolve it, with more than just the gun and physical force. The Tactical Decision Maker: The Devil’s Definitely in the Details is the latest (posted this morning) of 4 in the series I started a month ago.


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DON VANDERGRIFF: On Adaptive Leadership Posted

15 Dec 2009 10:29 AM PST

Obviously, warfare and conflict in the 21st Century present new challenges. It’s not only hideously complex, mercurial, and lightning fast — it’s an environment where missteps or brain dead actions of an individual or small group can unwind the work of an entire Army within hours. The solution to these challenges isn’t achieved by: automating new layers of oversight/controls on individual behavior or hermetically sealing off the organization’s members from the outside world or developing ever more complex doctrines that appear to solve every contingency.

Instead, the answer is to train leaders to think adaptively.

* So, how do you accomplish this? How do you train leaders to think adaptively?

** The best answer I have found so far is found in the work of Don Vandergriff.

He’s done more deep thinking and generated more experience actually training adaptive leaders than anybody else.

Here’s some links to his work on the topic:

First, his books:

The Path to Victory America’s Army and the Revolution in Human Affairs

Raising the Bar Creating and Nurturing Adaptability to Deal with the Changing Face of War

Manning the Future Legions of the United States Finding and Developing Tomorrow’s Centurions

Here are some articles that use his adaptive leadership training methodology.

Assembly Article: No Approved Solutions for Asymmetric Warfare (Foster)

OBTE: Defining the Aim Point for Reconnaissance Leader Training

* I could go into a long explanation for why this is so, but frankly Don does a better job than I would. ** I consider adaptive thinking is a requirement for all 21st Century organizations — corporate, military, agency, NGO, or insurgent . Even further: the best organizations make adaptive thinking a requirement for ALL of its members.

Here’s his contact info for more info:



CELL: 571-229-0962

EMAIL: vandergriffdonald AT usa.net

WEB: http://www.donvandergriff.com

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