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When is enough enough?

Sorry I have been off the net for a couple of weeks. I was lecturing at Fort Knox, KY to U.S. Army Accessions Command on OBT&E and ALM, then following week at Fort Leonard Wood, MO teaching three ALM workshops for 3rd Chemical BDE. A great two weeks.

Back to my question, when is enough enough? The ruling establishment in the name of power and money, would rather have their campaign, while rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, than become real leaders and help get our nation back on track.  People with moral courage and strength of character don’t hide activities they are doing. It is like the arrogance that dominates the beltway here in D.C., arrogance is a sign that those who demonstrate it are hiding true weaknesses. But, as I keep saying, it is my fellow citizens own fault. Until they take interest in the political system as part of their obligation under the Constitution, and vote real leaders into office, we will continue to decline amidst our new values system of money, things and time.



Posted on Oct 4, 2010

By Eugene Robinson

The Republican grab for Congress is being funded by a pack of wolves masquerading as a herd of sheep.

How sweet and innocent they seem, these mysterious organizations with names like Americans for Job Security. Who could argue with that? Who wants job insecurity?


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