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My good friend Fred Leland has posted the AAR I did for the Baltimore Police and wrote a preface on his web page of it. It is going very well with the application of Outcomes Based Training and Education (OBTE) and Adaptive Leader’s Methodology (ALM).




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Today’s Training and Education (Development) Revolution: The Future is Now
by Donald E. Vandergriff (Land Warfare Paper No. 76, April 2010) 
Discusses the changes the Army is making to its educational system to provide Soldiers with the best tools for success on the battlefield. Today’s highly complex operations have emphasized the importance of quality decisionmaking at junior levels. Even with modern command, control, communications, computer, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) capabilities, the noncommissioned officer or junior officer on the ground sometimes has the best situational awareness and thus is likely to make the best decision—but only if he or she is equipped, intellectually and culturally, to properly assess the situation and creatively arrive at the best solution. Adaptability, critical thinking and creativity have become critical skills for modern Soldiers. The Army’s new approach, Outcomes-Based Training & Education (OBT&E), is an educational philosophy that teaches both basic skills and aids the development of leaders, using the Combat Applications Training Course (CATC ) and the Adaptive Leader Methodology (ALM). These new training and education tools will produce the kind of flexible, adaptable Soldiers and leaders the modern battlefield demands.

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Examples of individuals having far reaching impact on an organization or nation exist throughout history, usually from positions that are not acknowledged by the culture of the time as being significant. For example, my good friend, and author of the outstanding book Storm Troop Tactics: Innovation in the German Army 1914-1918, Dr. Bruce Gudmundsson’s PhD dissertation is on the impact that two behind the scenes Army officers had on their respective nations in World War I. And they were only majors.

In this case the U.S. Army is experiencing a training revolution with far reaching  positive implications of bringing the best out of all Soldiers at all levels of command through a new  dramatic training and education approach.  The extraodinary aspect that it has not come from the top or among the generals or some PhD located in a think tank, but from an Army Colonel. It is called Outcomes Based Training and Education (OBT&E).


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I spent that last wonderful week at Fort Benning, The Warrior Infantry Conference, and also down at Fort Monroe.  It was a good week because I got to see a lot of old faces, meet some new ones, and continue to work with good people in pushing a new training doctrine on the Army, as well as use of a new teaching methodology.

So, over a few posts, I will discuss or review,

1. The Infantry Warrior Conference

2. The Confederate Naval Museum at Columbus GA, yes Columbus GA

3. America’s Fitness Coach Dave Hubbard as well as his new book

4. Moving forward with Outcomes Based Training and Education (OBT&E) and Adaptive Leader Methodology (ALM)

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Below is a commentary from the leader of the U.S. Army Armor Center’s Scout Leader’s Course at Fort Knox KY. They are adapting the new Army training and education doctrine called Outcomes Based Training and Education (OBT&E), in which Adaptive Leaders Methodology (ALM) is described in detail in my book Raising the Bar. In Raising the Bar it is called the Adaptive Course Model (ACM), but the Army changed it to ALM.

Begin the commander’s commentary.

Commentary #1 2009 -Scout Leaders Course Is Adapting: Enter the Army
Reconnaissance Course and Outcomes Based Training and Education (OBT&E)


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