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Ron Paul’s banned video…



But it is so true


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I will begin posting Chuck’s stuff here as well, it is that good.

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Attached herewith is a link to my latest essay, ” The Domestic Roots of Perpetual War,” just published in the Jan-Feb edition of Challenge: The Magazine of Economic Affairs.


Chuck Spinney

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CNN just reported on the 22nd of December that the US population reached 308 million, the slowest growth since the Great Depression. Most of this growth came from legal and illegal immigrants. The U.S. is still the only western nation with that has not reached replacement fertilization only (meaning births and deaths are equal). This is due to teen pregancies (national embarrassment) and the high birthrates of illegal immigrants. But, this news means two things, that people are actually determining the environment around them before having children, and also the legal citizens are at replacement birth rate.

More importantly, National Geographic issue for November cover was on the Earth’s population reaching 7 billion soon. It was an excellent article bases solely on scientific analysis. The article brought to light, the efforts of India and China to bring their populations to zero population growth.  The better news, except for Africa, most nations in the world are striving to balance their populations. It is going to be hard for a a couple of decades because there are so many women entering child bearing ages. But, what is important, as I have cried, the threat of overpopulation is being recognized. Again, the U.S. is behind in openly recognizing the number one crisis facing our earth.

While 71 percent of citizens polled by CNN believe the country is already too crowded, the corporate controlled media allows the subject very little press.  It is because of two factors, one religious and the other corporate greed. Most religions misinterpret the bible and do not match rhetoric with reality in regards to preserving life, but don’t worry about where the resources are coming from to support new mouths to feed and waste to take care of. While corporate America does not want the resevoir of new consumers to ever dry up, even while resources do.

Still, I am hopeful given that other nations are trying to deal with the problem. First, they have admitted to the problem, and now they are finding solutions. That is the only way we are going to bring people out of dreadful poverty, once we balance our population with zero growth, then nations are not constantly trying to play catch up, as the U.S. is currently doing. Just look at the joke about trying to create new jobs, a constant race with growing population.

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LTC Carlton Myer is another US hero, he really gets it. The stuff he puts out is well researched/documented. He has also wrote a great book on war. It is all at G2mil.com. I will post weekly updates from his blog.


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Again, I am proud of our democracy, our ability to get out and vote, show that we the people are pissed off about how Congress and the President is driving us deeper into debt, diminishing our strength, and also how they have not provided strong leadership, addressing major problems with major solutions. Instead, they continue to tell people, and themselves what they want to hear. In the next few weeks, I will post articles and essays to support this trend.

We need to form a new third party, and return to our Constitutional roots.


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I have been travelling a lot pushing ALM and OBTE at workshops as well as lectures. I have also been working working with the Baltimore Police and their implementation of ALM in their new four week Sergeants Course. I have just posted two things, again, both regarding the lack of truth and leadership.


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