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My friend Andrew Cockburn has launched yet another stunning tubesteak. Read it and you will understand why we don’t need “change we can believe in.” We already have the best government money can buy. 

On the 4th of July, I was driving with my wife to see my step son and his family when we drove by the Prince William County Virginia Government buildings, and we saw several people in front protesting big government.  The signs talked about socialism and the massive debt we are taking on. The audience resembled more the parent crowd at a kids soccer game than sterotyped protestors.  I told my wife, I should be out there with them. I agree with their positions.  Sadly, I believed in the President when he first came into office though I am a Ron Paul supporter, but I had to give President Obama a chance.

Now, I am very disappointed.  Our country is turning into a nation of corruption, where the rich get very rich no matter how it happens, while most of the rest of my fellow citizens are turning into dependents of the government.  They are unable or unwilling to make their own decisions and take responsibility for their own actions.  Someone else is always to blame for their troubles., while the the big U.S. government is the only one that can fix their problems.

Then, there is no path for leadership in order to gain a position to fix the problems we face.   We select people based on stunning and long resumes, then they are groomed through a system that tells them to play along to get along.  If you do what is right, no matter how effective it may be, but it goes against the establishment, you become an “outsider.” We all proclaim through the media, pop culture and books that we like these boat rockers, heretics, etc…but as my good friend and mentor Chuck Spinney says, “as long as they don’t rock anyone’s boat.”

The following article, which could relate to the other institutions that make up our government, show how the top stay in control, and continue to screw the rest of us. They put self before the nation, retaining institutions and systems that are draining our national treasure, so they can fill theirs.

My solution, civic involvement, like the people I saw yesterday, get out and vote, but we need to form a third party.  Right now, both parties are one in the same, it is all about greed and power, not leading. Until we as citizens peacefully rally and fix this mess, our nation will continue to go down the tubes owing China and others a lot of money, while our fellow citizens become irresponsible, unable take any action while they wait for their periodic handout.



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