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I had a good last week at Fort Monroe Virginia (actually Hampton Virginia home to the beautiful campus of Hampton University). I was lecturing, along with my friend Morgan Darwin, Army leaders that run ROTC programs throughout the nation on new techniques to develop adaptability and raise the bar on professionalism. I only lectured for two hours, but most importantly talked to several leaders in Cadet Command about how to get better at developing their cadets.

Work remains to be done, adapting their curriculum and program of instruction to the adaptive leader methodology, but Major Chad Foster, course director of the Military Science 3 (juniors) at the United States Military Academy’s Department of Military Instruction (DMI),¬†hard work is helping out. Chad has worked every day since April (when we first met) changing lesson plans to ones applicable to the ALM model.¬† Each lesson, or most of them, now begin with a Tactical Decision Game, but more importantly, it is the way the teachers facilitate the classes that is key. They do not lecture by power point any more, but instead drive the students to seek the answers for themselves.



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