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My apologies to the readership I had for so long. I took off a while for several reasons, work related, I was, and remain very busy, personnal reasons, my wife was ill, and I had a lot to take care of at home.

I am going to start a series of columns directed at our nation, and its leadership crisis. I continue to support Ron Paul.

As for “racism” committed some 20 years ago, I checked the references to that article. Even CNN never said he actually wrote the articles (actually about four lines of one article) himself. He never defended their content (said they were taken out of context – a standard excuse I realize) and it is not unlikely he did not read them prior to publication. He was in Congress and still practicing medicine at the time and yes he was negligent and should have caught it but didn’t. At the time the LA riots had just occurred. The rioters had behaved pretty badly, among other things dragging innocent people from their cars and beating them to death, and feelings were running high. If this is Dr. Paul at his worst then he is a saint by Washington DC standards.

As for Dr. Paul’s social policies, some of you may recall his opposition to the Federal War on Drugs, whose consequences fall disproportionately heavily on black people. There is also the disproportionately large black prison population, which would be much reduced by Dr. Paul’s plan to pardon all non-violent drug offenders. If this is racism maybe we need more of it. I don’t see Barak Obama stepping up to the plate on this issue.

Besides, if we don’t like Dr. Paul who will we support instead? How about the “peace laureate” Barak “Bush on steroids” Obama? Then there’s Mitt “Bush on even more steroids” Romney or how about four years of that freedom loving, constitution supporting marriage expert Newt Ginrich? If the Republicans have a brokered convention, maybe we could slip in John “bomb ’em back to the stone age” McCain or Lindsay “send ’em all to Guantanamo” Graham.

The passage of that infamous NDAA, should have removed any doubt that we should support the only candidate who is even promising to reverse it. If you can be executed, tortured or imprisoned for life without charges on somebody’s whim what difference do economics make? Without basic liberties what do we really have left? Where are out true priorities?


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Congressman Ron Paul is one of the few strategic leaders we have in this country.  He won every Republican primary debate, but was shut out by the establishment controlled media. His son, with similiar views, is running for Senate in Kentucky. These few leaders is the only hope our country has left for limited government and the Constitution.

Congressman Ron Paul Dear Friend of Liberty, December 16th is a special date.

It is the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party when early American patriots stood up to the tyranny of the King George. In 2007, we made history together by raising over $6 million in one day.

Now, we need to make this December 16th special by helping propel my son, Rand, to the United States Senate. Our fellow lovers of Liberty are organizing a Money Bomb for Rand and we need your help.

Please visit his website, http://www.RandPaul2010.com this Wednesday, December 16th and donate. A successful day will launch Rand into the homestretch of his primary with the momentum he needs for victory. Rand is running a tremendous race in Kentucky and is currently leading in the polls. Sending Rand to Washington would be the greatest victory for limited government and the Constitution we have seen in years.

Imagine the Senator Rand would be! He would fight to end undeclared wars, burgeoning deficits and the expansion of government that threatens all of our freedoms. And, Rand’s election will send a message to the establishment that we are taking our country back and the pave the way for future success together. Visit http://www.RandPaul2010.com to learn more. I hope you can help by donating to Rand this Wednesday, December 16th .

I know I will be. Together, we can take our country back one contribution at a time. In Liberty, Ron Paul

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Ron Paul was my favorite for President.  He raised more money than any other candidate in the Republican primary, the highest of active duty military contributions. He won every debate. But why was he not selected to represent the Republican party?

Why, because the Washington Establishment, big money, lobbyists and special interest, does not want a man that is smart, has strength of character, and most of all understands the Constitution better than anyone in Congress, for that matter in Washington.

So, the media, backed and funded by big money, made sure that they isolated and kept Ron Paul out of the public’s eye. I first noticed it when Ron Paul debated successfully all the other Republican candidates in early 2008, and was given little time by the sponsors.

So, we don’t own our country anymore, unless, you have a lot of money, so you can buy the policies and politicans you want. Instead of measuring success as being a good citizen today, we measure success by how much money and things you own.

I agree with Ron Paul’s recommendation for foreign policy.  As they said, what brought down the Soviet Union was two things, it over spent on its defense, and blue jeans and rock and roll. 

I am for a strong defense, but one not modelled on the one we have today. My military is tough, equipped with rugged, well tested and as- simple as can be equipment; its an expeditionary force with little overhead with the centerpiece of personnel policies being unit cohesion and leaders selected through a tough accessions process (my ratio of officers to the force is 5%). A military that can go in, punish the threat, leave a calling card, then pull out, while handing it over to those who own the country (Read my 2002 book Path to Victory for the details).


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