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Military Reformer William S. Lind (not to be confused with the anti-reformer Raytheon lobbyist now ensconced in the Pentagon as the Deputy Secretary of Defense, William J. Lynn) has written an excellent piece of advice for President Obama. While one might want to quibble with whether some of the people now incarcerated in Guantanamo should be tried as criminals, rather than held as prisoners of war, the central theme of Lind’s thinking is the essence of winning in human conflict. It comes directly from the founder of the military reform movement, Col. John R. Boyd, who died in 1997: Thinking and operating at the moral level in Iraq and Afghanistan, and elsewhere, is the key. To stoop to lower levels, such as the un-, and anti-, American behavior pushed then and now by Vice President Cheney, is a sure route to defeat.

Lind explains in a commentary published in the June 3 AntiWar.com. It appears below.

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