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My apologies to the readership I had for so long. I took off a while for several reasons, work related, I was, and remain very busy, personnal reasons, my wife was ill, and I had a lot to take care of at home.

I am going to start a series of columns directed at our nation, and its leadership crisis. I continue to support Ron Paul.

As for “racism” committed some 20 years ago, I checked the references to that article. Even CNN never said he actually wrote the articles (actually about four lines of one article) himself. He never defended their content (said they were taken out of context – a standard excuse I realize) and it is not unlikely he did not read them prior to publication. He was in Congress and still practicing medicine at the time and yes he was negligent and should have caught it but didn’t. At the time the LA riots had just occurred. The rioters had behaved pretty badly, among other things dragging innocent people from their cars and beating them to death, and feelings were running high. If this is Dr. Paul at his worst then he is a saint by Washington DC standards.

As for Dr. Paul’s social policies, some of you may recall his opposition to the Federal War on Drugs, whose consequences fall disproportionately heavily on black people. There is also the disproportionately large black prison population, which would be much reduced by Dr. Paul’s plan to pardon all non-violent drug offenders. If this is racism maybe we need more of it. I don’t see Barak Obama stepping up to the plate on this issue.

Besides, if we don’t like Dr. Paul who will we support instead? How about the “peace laureate” Barak “Bush on steroids” Obama? Then there’s Mitt “Bush on even more steroids” Romney or how about four years of that freedom loving, constitution supporting marriage expert Newt Ginrich? If the Republicans have a brokered convention, maybe we could slip in John “bomb ’em back to the stone age” McCain or Lindsay “send ’em all to Guantanamo” Graham.

The passage of that infamous NDAA, should have removed any doubt that we should support the only candidate who is even promising to reverse it. If you can be executed, tortured or imprisoned for life without charges on somebody’s whim what difference do economics make? Without basic liberties what do we really have left? Where are out true priorities?


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I want to start doing a monthly report card on the President Obama administration.  Though, I like the man personally (have not met him but heard enough stories and judge him by his actions), I believe he is being ill-served by his staff, and a willingness to compromise (bi-partisan) at any costs (has to explain some of the appointments he has made??). Anyway, so far, I give the President a D- (he gets a barely passing grade because he posted great new ethic rules (then gave William Lynn a waiver to be the number 2 at the Pentagon (like there is no other person out of 300 million that can do the job (I know a few like Winslow Wheeler or Franklin C. Spinney that would shake the Pentagon upside down while serving the needs of their fellow citizens). He also barely passes because at least he has accepted responsibility for the flop over some of his nominees. Now, I want leaders that admit their mistakes, but as long as they don’t repeat them-learn from them.


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Hate to always say I told you so, but I saw this years ago. Of course because of the greed of many of our “leaders” we tended to look the other way as long as they, the great politicians of Mexico, were pushing poor immigrants our way to be able to under price our own citizens out of jobs and avoid paying taxes, while they worked the hell out of these poor souls. Hell, how many years after 9-11? Oh, only 8 years, and how much of the border is secure? While we are waiting for al Queda and Hammes to collapse our government (from our own overspending), our southern border is moving from brush fires to full scale forest fire.

Okay, I am just an isolationalist that follows (worships at the alter of Andy Bacevich).  But, lets President Obama, as much as I say lets support you, and you have said some good things, keep appointing those revolving door think thank people to DoD high positions, and you are going to keep getting the same thing-CRAP!



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