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As they say, it is always better when it comes from someone else’s mouth, than yours when trying to “sell” or promote your work.

I had an outstanding week at the US Military Academy at West Point. The instructors there from the director down are great people to work with, and are moving to evolve the way DMI develops adaptability in our future leaders. I also invited my friend and comrade, Lieutenant Fred Leland of the Walpo Police Department (outside Boston MA) to attend my workshop and meet several of the instructors at the USMA Department of Military Instruction (DMI). DMI is likened to what ROTC does, focuses on the military education portion of a cadet’s development (while other departments or the college focuses on academic development). My intention of inviting Fred was to give instructors of DMI his prospective of using Adaptive Leader Methodology (ALM). Fred used my book Raising the Bar: Creating and Nurturing Adaptive Leaders to Deal with the Changing Face of War as a foundational document to reform his police department.



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