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Once a month, I will post something about a great leader, someone who by their selfless service, hard work, intellegence, and foresight, are contributing to our society.

The month of August’s leader is the new FEMA leader Craig Fugate. This was one of the President’s good appointments. Unlike, and in contrast the one he made for the number 2 job at the Pentagon, William Lynn. Mr. Fugate is a leader in the truest since. He has risen though hard work and innovation. But, he holds himself and his people to standard. I am proud that the President put him in this critical job. FEMA, like most agencies in the government, goes to people who are great politicians, rich or both, but have little or no skills in the organization they are leading. And because they are good ass kissers, make poor leaders. Mr. Fugate is just the opposite. He understands his role of a big government organization, that is to push responsibility for action down to the local levels. This is where the decision cycle will be fastest. It is guys like Mr. Fugate that give me hope for our nation.

In Case of Emergency
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Image credit: Mike Theiss/Corbis

Craig Fugate, the new head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency under President Barack Obama, is an unusual choice for the job, historically speaking. Unlike many of his predecessors, most famously Michael “Heckuva Job” Brown under President George W. Bush, Fugate (pronounced few-gate) has experience in the relevant subject matter. A former firefighter, Fugate managed disasters for 20 years in Florida, the fiasco capital of America. Even more bizarrely for FEMA, often a dumping ground for friends of the powerful, Fugate has no political connections to Obama. Instead, he got his job the old-fashioned way—when Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano was looking for candidates, people kept mentioning his name. He has a reputation for telling it like it is—in a field where “it” is usually bad. And what Fugate has to say may come as strong medicine for his fellow citizens, nine out of 10 of whom now live in a place at significant risk for some kind of disaster.



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