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Bill Hartung’s new book, Prophets of War: Lockheed Martin and the Making of the Military-Industrial Complex, reveals information that redefines the term “Military-Industrial Complex.” His C-SPAN Book TV interview with Pierre Sprey, and Pierre’s 50+ years of experience as a close and perceptive observer of the “MIC,” reveals even more. Some of it is horrifying; some of it is disgusting. See a podcast of the Hartung-Sprey conversation at the C-SPAN Book TV web site at http://www.booktv.org/Program/12175/After+Words+William+Hartung+Prophets+of+War+hosted+by+Pierre+Sprey.aspx Look for “Watch This Program” on the right. Book Notes describes the broadcast as follows: In “Prophets of War,” William Hartung presents the history of the largest military contractor in U.S. history, Lockheed Martin. Mr. Hartung argues that with 25 billion dollars annually in Defense Department contracts, Lockheed Martin’s reach into American life is extensive and largely unknown, including creation of satellites used to spy on the phone calls of American citizens. He discusses the company’s size, scope and influence with Pierre Sprey, father of the A-10 and F-16 military aircraft.


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