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Dave Wood happens to be one of my favorite journalist as well as a friend. Why is he one of my favorite and one of the best? Because he is out there with the Soldiers and Marines constantly walking the front lines, seeing for himself what the truth is, and then telling it.  As I say in my new chapter, “Leading the Human Dimension out of a Legacy of Failure” in the book America’s Defense Meltdown, we must think the entire way we man, structure and our doctrine in dealing with a 4th Generation Warfare world. The past in throwing money at the problem is at an end, now it is going to take brain power and innovative ideas, as well as moral courage to evolve our defense establishment to where it can deal with today’s and tomorrow’s threats. Dave Wood does a good job pointing out some of the things in regards to training and education that I am seeing in the U.S. Army.


Army rethinking anti-Taliban effort

By David Wood
December 26, 2008

In a sandy clearing in the pine woods, Special Forces soldiers and civilians are struggling with the riddle of Afghanistan.



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I am honored to have leadership expert John Baldoni review Manning the Legions. Sorry I have been absent from the blog for a while. I have been travelling doing the workshop.

“Here’s a “review” of your latest fine book… focusing on applications to the corporate world.


Best wishes…


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