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A good but true article written by Marine Carlton Meyer, who is another truth teller with brains! Carlton has a great web site called G2mil.com (free access to many great articles). Carlton is writing about what should be done to the drug war waging across our southern borders. At heart of his article is leadership failure and corruption.

Many major decisions deferred by Congress regarding the war being waged in the south is due to the influence of lobbyists hired by corrupt Mexican politicans in turned influenced by the drug cartels. The other influence is slowing down border trade. Again, short term profits trumps doing what is right.

Any person who is in a leadership position and knowningly partakes in not making the right decision in regards to doing something about the war along our border is morally corrupt. Carlton, as always points out a problem and offers viable solutions. As I have also said about my fellow citizens of the U.S., if we did not have a drug problem, the cartels would not be in business. So, every time someone uses illegal drugs, they are funding corruption, murder and evil. They are not only harming themselves and their families, but also harming their fellow law abiding citizens. We should not tolerate this type of behavior as it is also undermining our once great nation.



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